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Below are Testimonials from our cherished guests.
We hope you'll come visit soon and add your comments to this page.

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Photo of Hummingbird off deck taken by Tim Welch - Thanks Tim!

Photos below taken by Getaway Guest
Emily Kinsolving - Thank you Emily!

Submitted by Bill - Thank you!




April 4-6 Secret Hideaway
Our 1st Second Honeymoon!  Loved the special glittered walls in the bathroom (look closely) Loved the swinging bed and waking up to the wall of windows.  And hot tubing and going to sleep with the twinkling trees!  We explored the clubhouse/office in the tees (LOL) Used it for deer watching .P.s.. We absolutely love love love the idea of a porch swing for 2 mounted from the bottom of the underside of the back porch .
Rusty & Dee

March 31- April 4 Secret Hideaway
Thank you so much for providing this wonderful getaway.  It was so relaxing and just a perfect way for me and my wife to spend our 1 year anniversary.  Out little fur babies absolutely loved being here.  The home and landscape here is beautiful Thank you again!
Sean & Keri

March 27-31
It was wonderful in the new cabin.  Sharon loves the way you have it set up.  She is already planning our next trip up here.
John & Sharon

March 17-20 Secret Hideaway
We haven't been away just the two of us since our honeymoon, so we knew a nice relaxing trip for our 10th anniversary was much needed.  Boy did we find it at the Hideaway!  Everything was so peaceful and comfortable, we never even felt like we had to leave just to get get out.  It was the perfect weekend!  Thank you so much for making it feel like home away from home.  Oh, and the dinner with Chef Edie as to die for!!! Until next time.
Julie & John

March 14-17 2016 Secret Hideaway
Dear Linda & Jessie
We absolutely loved the hideaway.  It is a lovely home and beautifully decorated.  Our daughter loved the uniqueness and comfort of the swinging bed.  Both she and Dad explored their artistic talent at the craft table.  This spring retreat was perfect for our little family to relax and reconnect.  Thanks for allowing us to bring our furry family member.
The Keefe's

March 10-13 2016 Secret Hideaway
What a joy this place is.  Even with the rain this place caused us to slow down & relax.  Just what we needed.  We loved all the details of the cabin.  Such things like the lights outside at night - so cool!  Or the craft table - had to try my hand at some art work!  So glad we found this place it made our anniversary even more special!  And now that we've been recharged we can go back to our lies & little people & be clear minded & love better!  Thank you so much!
P.S. Chef Edie was awesome!  2 words - food coma
David & Niki

March 3-8 2016 Secret Hideaway
We love the Secret Hideaway!  All the touches you have are amazing, relaxing and peaceful.  This is our 4th time out here, first time here and everything you add keeps us coming back.  This place allows us the time we don't get in our everyday busy life.  I hope you know the serenity this place brings us.
Thank you for making this place our home away from home.
Bryan & Sylvia

Feb 28th Secret Hideaway
What an incredible weekend we've had!  This place is a paradise in the Hill Country.  Thank  you so much for your labors of love and the time and energy you both poured into this place.  We'll be returning to Waco, rested and ready to face the everyday challenges of raising kids.
A return trip will be in the making when time allows.
Blessings on your and your family P.S. 46:10
Jonathan & Charlotte

Feb 25-28 Garden Cottage
We had a wonderful time!  It was a much needed break from the hustle & bustle of our "Normal" life.  We are sad to leave.  Its a beautiful place & can't wait to come back and try the other cottage!
Joe & Whitney

Feb 20th Garden Cottage
Linda & Jessie
One of the earlier writings spike of the good "vibe" here.  It is absolutely true.  This space you have created is lovely relaxing peaceful.  We celebrates mark's 60th B/D here.  Great Dinner with Miss Edie from the Black Pig and the hot tub eye-catching light show are magical
Thank you
J & M Rogers

Feb 22 Secret Hideaway
Hey! Back again! Very next weekend. Couldn't stay away
We learned to not waste time in town.  Just bring food & enjoy our time together right here!
We will be back again & and again
Jessie and Linda you just part of the family now.  Home away from home.
Love the new mattress height!
Les & Paula - Carpe Diem!

Feb 18th Secret Hideaway
It has been a dream of mine to visit Fredericksburg for some time now.  When I mentioned coming to a make a visit finally we were on a mission to find the perfect place and boy did we hit the jackpot!  From the moment we opened the door and stepped in we were in in awe!  We have had so many moments just smiling and taking in our surroundings.  This place is magical and your can feel it all around you.  You guys have created the perfect magical place to escape.  We are already planning our second trip.  Thank you so much for taking the time to see to every detail and creating a little piece of heaven on earth!
See you real soon!
Tonya & Dree

Feb 15th Secret Hideaway
WoW! does not cover it.  We love the original cottage, but this is a complete different feel.  Wonderful, relaxing, prayerful, peaceful serenity.  You'll outdid yourselves with the special touches.  Everywhere you look, there is thoughtfulness.  Every comfortable detail.  We really felt like family when we show up.  Always attentive to our needs.  You know what it means to relax & supply the tools to do it.
We'll be back many times this year to enjoy our home away from home.  Thank y you pray that the lord blesses your efforts & we LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression Capre Diem - Live in the moment & no worries about the future for now!
Les & Paula

Feb 14 Secret Hideaway
Thank you for the lovely getaway!  Our Valentine's day was very relaxing and so much fun!  We have six children at home so coming to a quiet cottage to relax and just enjoy each other was exactly what we needed!
P.S. The tree lights are perfect!
thank you
Tad and Misty

Feb 13-15 Garden Cottage
Thank  you for a wonderful weekend!  It was great to get out of Austin and enjoy some peace and quiet
The cabin was great and had everything we could have wanted!
Megan & Ben

Feb 5th - 7th Secret Hideaway
When we found yalls Garden Cottage we thought we had found a "gem" of a B&B.  Little did we know the first time we came, you shared your vision of a new cottage, and your vision created the "Diamond" of B&B's.  What you'll have created is the most amazing place to relax and reconnect.  Ya'll out did yourselves this tie!  This is our 4th time to visit and we are already planning our 5th!  Every time we come we enjoy these 2 cottages even more!  Thank you again for everything and we can't wait to come back again.  Please leave the light on for us!
Ronnie & Karen

Feb 1 -2 -3 Secret Hideaway
Dear Linda & Jessie
We're not sure if we can actually express our gratitude for your kindness.  it was so overwhelming as soon as we walked in the door.  Our 1 night stay turned in a 3 night stay, and we still feel that there are things we missed seeing at this beautiful place.  Every corner I turned there was a new detail that made me feel the love you both have for this place, and for your guests.  We loved meeting you and your carrot cake (by far!) beats out any I've had before.  Thank you for reminding us to reach for our dreams The reminder could not have come at a better time for us.  We feel like you're family.  Even though words aren't enough.  Thank you with love
Carrie & Chad

Feb 2nd 2016 - Garden Cottage
Linda & Jessie's attention to detail and numerous caring touches have made this our favorite Hill Country Getaway in the 15th years we've been visiting this beautiful area.  Our poodle Xena appreciated the puppy treats and meeting the resident felines (Although Olive had to swat Xena once for getting too close LOL) 
Thank you for stocking the cabin with all the seasonings/cooking supplies and DVD's.  We enjoyed how much this felt like home - everything we needed for a delightful stay was already here.
The food at the Black Pig was delicious and highly recommended
Blessings Always
Kevin & Lorna

Jan 28-31 2016 Garden Cottage

Linda & Jessie
Thank you for an amazing weekend.  We truly enjoyed ourselves.  We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and everything was perfect.  We appreciate your hospitality.
God Bless
Jimmy & Julie
P.S. The kaleidoscope lights are awesome - we loved them!

Jan 21 2016 - Garden Cottage
Had a fabulous time - everything was perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything more.  We will definitely be back.
Take care

Jan 12 - 13 Secret Hideaway
What a wonderful experience Dottie and I had here.  The comfort and peace one feels here is overwhelming.  We will be coming back many times.  Thank you Linda & Jessie for your caring service
Rocky & Dottie

Jan 3, 4 & 5 2016 Secret Hideaway
We were so glad Linda allowed us to have the first stay in this beautiful cabin.  The small touches and the stocked kitchen were the added niceties.  We love it out here as do our big dogs
Thank you
Karen & David

Dec 30-Jan 4th 2016
As always a wonderful relaxing get away at your cabin.  You both are such wonderful people and great hosts.  We enjoy your cabin so much & as usual can't wait to come back again.
The Black-eyed Peas & cornbread were delicious for New Years.  Thank you both for all you do.  We love it here and hope to see you again soon.
Amanda & Kenneth


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