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The Highs and lows of Country living

Our little slice of God’s land is away from the bright lights of the city. It’s in the countryside and with that in mind please let me describe some of the things you can expect when you visit.

BREATHTAKING morning sunrises and evening sunsets. There are glorious colors both soft and bold that can only be painted by the creator himself. It's the show you'll never see in Vegas.

Stars so bright you'll never wonder if we are alone in the universe again. Yes that "cloud" across the night sky really is the milky way!

You'll find sweet mountain air with breezes that play the sound of far away oceans through the treetops. Listen closely and you will hear the waves crashing to shore.

Stillness so quiet you’ll find yourself uncomfortable with eerie sounds of nothingness. In the stillness there is time for perfect reflection and clarity. Carpe Diem, seize the day and Enjoy the moment.

Life – the country side is teaming with natural life in all forms. Deer frolicking, turkeys leading their young through the bush, Roadrunners darting across the fields, Birds busily making a living on the bugs to feed their young, Squirrels scampering to and fro gathering winter stores, armadillos lumbering around in search of the perfect burrow, Raccoon’s ever ready to steal whatever is left unattended. Then there are some not so pleasant residents. Yes there are snakes, skunks, spiders, scorpions and just downright un-friendly characters – give them space and they’ll mosey along. We have Cats on the property, Pita and Biscuit, and Olive.  They work for us, they make sure our guests are free of snakes in the yard, free of mice, free of wandering skunks and other pesky critters that can bother our guests. They are outside cats, and friendly but unless you invite them over they’ll continue working and don’t mind if you aren’t friendly to them. If you are one of the unlucky few folks that are highly allergic to cats, then please reconsider your reservation. The hard work these three cats do for the property far out weighs the cost of a stay.

Same goes for folks that can’t abide by Cedar, grasses, and fresh air, it’s all there, if those things make you crazy, stay sane and stay in the city. We want you happy.

Smells – Our guests cook often, we hope they enjoy the fine meals they prepare but occasionally the smell of yesterdays meal lingers. We always clean the house after every guest and air it out, but we have seen folks who can smell a piece of bacon from quarter of a mile away and will complain – If your nose is that sensitive please stay in the city. Personally after living in the countryside for years, the city sometimes smells terrible to me so I can understand if someone coming from there doesn’t understand the different air in the countryside.
Along the same lines, let's address smoking, the cottage is non-smoking, but there are 46 million Americans or 20% of the adult population that do smoke, and it IS legal, it is their choice and not our place to say they shouldn't have that choice. So we do allow smoking outside and even provide ashtrays and a comfortable place for them to smoke. If you are a person whom cigarette smoke causes irritation even if the smoke is outside then perhaps you should try a more sterile environment such as the Hotel 6. We do all we can to make sure our home smells good and is very clean however, we understand the countryside isn’t for everyone, but those that do embrace the Highs of the countryside find it close to nirvana.

- We are proud Americans and do decorate the cottages for all holiday occasions, including Christmas.  So if you don't like to see The American Flag flying high or Christmas Trees in all their glory you might want to reconsider.

Summer Time!  The cottages are well equipped with both window units as well as European Split Air conditioners.  These keep the cottage a very comfortable 70* to 76*  If you are someone that wants A/C down to the 65* area - consider booking someplace in Alaska during the summer.  This is Texas:)  We cherish our guests and try very hard to make everything super comfortable but we've had one guest that insisted that he couldn't get it cold enough for them.  70* at night wasn't enough so we're just letting you know in case you feel you need to sleep with temps below 70*.

Life is far too short not to be happy, we want our guests to enjoy their stay completely. So come on out, now that you know the highs and lows of country living and BREATHE!

Happy Day
Your Hosts
Linda & Jessie Cook

"Peace is that grand moment
in time of quiet reflection
while everyone is reloading."
Thomas Jefferson

Native Critters
On the Ranch

Not so Native
But on the Ranch

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